Clinical Skin Assessment

Accurate assessment of your skin health and condition can no longer be achieved by simple visual examination. Technology is now a very important part of this process because how can we guess at what is happening beneath. This process will take approximately 60-70 minutes of your time, I then map your skin & put a homecare & clinical treatment plan together & email it to you. This will be the best $99 you have invested in your skin & yourself.

The SD202 determines your sebum (oil) levels, skin hydration, skin density and how likely you are to go pink (level of vascular damage). It is a painless device, which basically gives me different numbers which relates back to your barrier. You can read about the importance of your barrier function here.

SD202 Determines Sebum (oil) Levels, Skin Hydration, Skin density etc.
SD202 Determines Sebum (oil) Levels, Skin Hydration, Skin density etc.

The Observ skin diagnostic device is the very latest for visually assessing your skin. Based on LED illumination technology revealing the hidden skin conditions and concerns with unparalleled clarity. The OBSERV 520 uses 6 different light sources /observation modes to help diagnose a wide variety of skin conditions. The OBSERV 520 exposes those conditions by utilising skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technologies.

Observ Consult
Observ expert performs skin analysis

Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose with the human eye. With this cutting-edge technology and experience, I create awareness and ongoing clinical, targeted treatments and bespoke products.

No guesswork, ever!

FAQs: Skin Assessment

What is the Observ skin diagnostic device?

The Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device helps you accurately diagnose skin types as well as skin problems residing at the surface or hiding in deeper layers. The skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology reveals skin concerns with more clarity and contrast than other conventional skin fluorescence methods. Observ®’s diagnostic capabilities instantly reveals skin conditions allowing for targeted treatment plans to be formalized and enable consistent monitoring throughout the treatment cycle.

What is included in a skin assessment?

You will receive a prep instruction letter from me the week before attending your Clinical Skin Assessment. On the day of your assessment, I will take a journey under your skin with Observ & use another German measuring device as well as run through your history. After mapping your skin I will send you a full treatment & product plan.

How often should skin assessment be done?

If a skin condition is present, it may be monthly but at least quarterly & at change of seasons.

How do you assess skin integrity?

With the devices discussed above and with 3 decades of experience.

How well can I really know my skin?

The cornerstone of my practice has always been to educate clients on their skins condition and ingredients. Knowledge is power, especially with the incredible amount of products & treatments being offered.

Why should I have a skin assessment completed?

Because we can’t put the cart before the horse, so to speak. If we don’t start with determining the cells and systems which need attention in the skin, how can a successful plan be put in place & specific ingredients targeted to address the needs of your skin. Every, single skin is unique to it’s owner.

What are key points I should remember?

Skin can heal itself through corneotherapy. That means healing the skin from the outside in.  Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems. Observ is the perfect tool to assist with providing information we couldn’t have dreamt of 20 years ago.

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