New Oncology


I am a Facialist and practising Corneotherapist with over two decades worth of experience, with accreditation to look after those with cancer and other illness. Having worked in the industry for a very long time, I come from a completely different direction to most. I strongly believe we need to assist our skin to heal itself, also known as corneotherapy.


Paula Cliffin Skin clinic is situated on the beautiful Raby Bay Harbour and has been fitted out with a deliberate intent of not looking like a mainstream “beauty clinic”. I aim to offer comfort and health, not a sterile or clinical environment. From the low emission floors and paint, to my tap-ware that alkalises the water, removes chlorine and means my hands will be sanitised without nasties, and of course my living plants – this location represents my holistic approach to skin health, as well as environmental health.


Corneotherapy is a progressive form of skin healing that suggests it is possible to to achieve optimum skin health and a functioning immune system. Through holistic interventions, corneotherapy allows us to correct and restore the skin and barrier defence system.

Helpful Resource

What you put on and into your skin matters at all times, yet particularly when health challenged. On the following pages, I have put together an educational resource for all clients & their loved ones, to access. The information comes from my experience and from other professionals in this area who I have referenced. These pages have been a total labour of love. I am here to support you and your skin throughout your life journey.

Paula Cliffin

Dermal Facialist/Practising Corneotherapist
Certified in Oncology Aesthetics (COA)
Phone: 0438 735 990 (Appointment Only)


The advice on my oncology pages is just advice. It is in no way medical advice. The advice I offer comes from many years of experience with health challenged clients and endless, ongoing education to ensure I offer my clients the best advice and products on the market. If you do have any concerns, I strongly advise you to consult your medical team.