While it is completely dependent on the type of cancer treatment you’re receiving, it is common for patients to experience hair loss, including eye lashes.

As an oncology certified Facialist Corneotherapist, I’ve assisted many cancer patients over the years. Whilst you will find plenty of information online about false eyelashes working effectively when there are no natural lashes present, my experience with clients suggests the opposite. The issue being that there are no natural lashes for the false eyelashes to cling to. However, the research suggests that it is different for everyone, so I highly recommend giving it a go if you have the inclination to do so.

For those looking for a much more natural and popular option, I recommend my clients to try the lash illusion of a black mineral eye pencil or cream. Simply apply it in a precise line right along your top lash line, extending the line slightly past the corner of your top lash line. Apply only to the top of your lash line will open up the eyes, so to speak. If you want additional definition, also apply to your lower lash line as well. Only start in the middle to the outer corner. If you have larger eyes, feel free to line the whole lower lash as well, to avoid the eyes appearing smaller.

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