Skin Treatments

Skin Solutions Treatments (also known as Facials)

Do you want a facial treatment that will help your skin to help itself? It can you know, with very little intervention and barrier loving ingredients. I have practiced for nearly 30 years-in that time I have never stopped studying and looking for answers to my questions (which were and are many) about skin.

Let me share that knowledge with you. My treatment menu reflects customizations at it’s best, no fluffy puffy names for me, just Skin Solutions. Each level has a price point but is very different for every single person I treat because your skin is like a unique fingerprint, no two skins are the same.

Paula Cliffin

Dermal Facialist/Practising Corneotherapist
Certified in Oncology Aesthetics (COA)
Phone: 0438 735 990 (Appointment Only)

Facial treatment

Level 1 – $99

This level is a great introductory solution offering intense and gratifying results. As part of the level one bespoke skin treatment you may receive enzymes / minerals or both, extractions, customised serum infusion, vitamin mask infusion, foot massage

Level 2 – $139

Individually & specifically customised skin solution facial with massage. Treatments are different for everyone however depending on what your skin needs you may receive enzymes or minerals or both, extractions, massage of the face, neck and décolletage, customised serum infusion, customised face mask, signature foot massage.

Level 3 – $169

The pinnacle of customised skin solutions & my most popular solution, Level three, offers the inclusion of technology & equipment to take your treatments to a whole new level of results! I will customise everything including enzymes or minerals or both, extractions if indicated, multiple customised serums, use of technology/equipment where appropriate, massage, double customised masking. Dear you not to drop off!

And lets not forget all the skins covered in beards.

Beard Facial – $169

Believe it or not, having facial hair doesn’t exempt you from requiring regular skincare maintenance.  We need to ensure the unexposed skin beneath your beard receives the nourishment and care it requires to maintain optimum skin health. As a proud mother of three adult sons, all of whom have beards that likely haven’t seen the light of day for some time – I have tried and tested a number of treatments to create a facial uncompromising in nourishment and quality.

Using jojoba beads, which melt into the skin beneath to reach the unexposed skin. High-Frequency Comb to rejuvenate the condition of your skin and nourish hair follicles for healthier beard growth. Heallite II – Light-emitting diodes that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin. Beard-friendly face & neck massage customised serum and masking.

FAQs: Facials

Can you do facials for acne scars? Can you do facials for rosacea?

Not always, less is more with this skin condition however a full Clinical Skin Assessment with determine this.

Can you do facials for dry skin, pigmentation, oily?

I choose to call my “facials” Skin Solution Treatments, because they are not a bit of fluff & puff but are bespoke & made specifically for each individuals skin’s, whatever they may need. Targeted ingredients within bespoke cleansers, serums & masks address every skin concern.

How much do you charge for facials?

Depends what level of Skin Solution Treatment you go for. Skin Solution 1 is $99; Skin Solution 2 is $139; Skin Solution 3 is $169.

Where are you located in Cleveland?

I am located at The Anchorage, 20 Masthead Drive, Cleveland. Part of the Raby Bay Harbour complex, but not where the restaurants are. I am a little further on the boardwalk, just past where all the gorgeous boats fill up. With dedicated, undercover parking walk to the waterfront & I am Suite 4 with views that go forever. Definitely a zen location.

Paula Cliffin

Dermal Facialist/Practising Corneotherapist
Certified in Oncology Aesthetics (COA)
Phone: 0438 735 990 (Appointment Only)