Oncology Skin Support

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. As one navigates through surgical intervention, anticancer drug therapy and radiation therapy, shifts in physical and emotional health occur. I aim to safely help complete a circle of care by having the knowledge to modify treatments, to accommodate side effects and to help you feel better.  I will support you and your skin throughout your journey by offering customised, bespoke, safe services & clean product – which comes from the knowledge of having treated health challenged clients for over 25 years and of course, specific training – certification in Oncology Aesthetics & a current membership with the International Association for Oncology Aesthetics (Allied Professionals supporting oncology care).

There are many support networks out there, Foundation 96 is an amazing resource to help your take control of your diagnosis by providing you with forums, specific information tailored to your cancer journey & support networks worldwide. I encourage you to check them out here.