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the facts about microcurrent

My favourite saying is “is it backed by science” & my new 3rd generation NeurotriS Microcurrent device is scientifically proven!

Microcurrent is a low level electrical current that when delivered with the appropriate signal or frequency will tighten skin, increase hydration, tone and lift facial muscles. Done with consistency, the results will be cumulative and long lasting.

How does Microcurrent work?

Well, microcurrent works very much like exercise works for the body. The very same principles of using exercise to reshape, tone and tighten your body are applied to the skin and facial muscles. A facial workout is just as important as a body workout. In order to understand how Microcurrent works this way we first need to understand the aging process. As we age our metabolism slows down and we begin to lose our ability to maintain water or hydration at the cellular level. It’s kind of like watching a juicy plump grape reduce into a sweet wrinkled raisin. Maintaining proper hydration throughout the day is important. More specifically, it’s about getting the water inside your cells. If we can stay perfectly hydrated in the intracellular environment, our biological aging process will slow down and may even reverse itself. Water is the ultimate mechanism by which toxins and naturally produced oxidants are removed from within our intracellular environment.

Does Microcurrent Increase Skin Hydration?

Good to excellent hydration is also critical for proper ATP production. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleotide used in cells as a co-enzyme. It is often called the “molecular unit of currency”: ATP transports chemical energy within the cells for metabolism. In a dehydrated state, toxins accumulate, and ATP production is reduced. The clinical manifestation of aging and inflammation is ultimately a loss of fuel production at the mitochondria level. The mitochondria are the cells power producer responsible for optimal ATP production. The mitochondria take the sugars and fats convert them into ATP. They do this through a process called cellular respiration. During this process, the mitochondria converts 1 ADP into 1 ATP. That very last step in the process requires four Hydrogen atoms, two Oxygen atoms and 2 electrons. This equates to two water molecules and two electrons. Microcurrent increases the electrical charge within the cells creating an electric potential difference between the intracellular and extracellular environments forcing water inside the cells. Simply put, Microcurrent in proper conditions will increase the skins hydration levels. When our skin is in an ideal hydrated state, tissue impedance is low and current conducts throughout the cells and tissues without resistance.

How does Phase angle (PhA) work?

In a dehydrated state, tissue impedance is high, and current does not conduct very well as the resistance within the cells and tissues reduce the TRUE deliverable current values significantly. Your hydration level can be assessed by measuring your phase angle. Phase angle (PhA) is a direct measure by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Technology. Your phase angle score reflects the relationship between the resistance component (R), meaning skin and tissue are in opposition to the passage of electric current, and reactance (Xc). Translation: If the cells are not at an optimal (PhA) state then the benefits from microcurrent is not achieved and in fact the microcurrent will be impeded to penetrate at the cellular level. A person’s phase angle measurement naturally decreases with age. Phase angle values vary from person to person and is directly associated with how biologically healthy and hydrated the skin is. The very same principle by Bioelectric Impedance Analysis is used with Microcurrent to determine the appropriate signal and current levels that are most efficacious within the skin layers you are trying to reach, ie the epidermis, dermis, connective tissue and muscles.

Why I use Neurotris Microcurrent?

This is where the Neurotris comes in, with the introduction of 3rd generation intelligence & is the only Absolute True Dynamic Intelligent Microcurrent facial Sculptor on the market today, which features a Bio-feedback monitoring loop optimising results based on an individual’s skin impedance at the time of treatment. Making each & every Microcurrent facial treatment completely customised technologically to the skin’s requirements.

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