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Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Our skin is an extremely complex, highly specialised organ! The thickness of the skin varies considerably over all parts of the body, however may only be about 0.07 inches (2 mm) thick. Skin is our only protective barrier from the environment. We need to keep this in mind when we are considering clinical treatments & products (especially their ingredients) –

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Silicones – don’t be an Ostrich!!!!

My nickname used to Ostrich (yes I am tall lol). At the moment I am surrounded by Ostriches so I challenge you to get your proverbial head out of the sand & get educated! Siloxanes (commonly known as silicone/s) are in many, many skincare products, make-up bases, primers, shampoo’s, conditioners, leave in conditioners & on & on. They give you

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